Simplifying the Experience, Multiple Controllers, Etc

I’ve been a Rachio user for a long time and have installed these over several properties, along with WFM’s, and have recommended the product to several others. I have a request/recommendation:

1a. When logging in initially, it shows all the controllers on 1 page. I wish that it also showed the next scheduled run time of each unit, along with the ability to skip it (next scheduled run time) by tapping something without having to manually click on each individual unit/location and going through several hoops on each individual controller to get to it. This is a big deal for me having 10 units (with more to come).

1b. When disabling standby mode, I wish the controller would default to continuing your water schedule starting with THAT DAY, the day you disable standby mode. For example, if I have a schedule set to water every 3rd day and I had put a controller in standby mode 10 days ago then go back in today and take it off standby, the next scheduled water day would be 2 days later (going by every 3rd day).

Please take this into consideration.