Silty Clay Loam - Translates how in soil types for a Zone


Looks like loam is the winner, lucky you! Nice to grow stuff in :wink:



Thanks Franz,

So based on this, what would you recommend for soil type? Clay loom?


I’d go with Loam.



Cool - thanks! I will do that!

Awesome website, but those of us that are not “soil guys” it’s a little confusing.



Which soil type would you go with here? @franz


i would go with clay loam


@plainsane For the win.



Rather old thread, but I have tried to determine my soil with that webpage. It says it is to 83.2% Birome-Rayex-Aubrey complex, 2 to 15 percent slopes. Anyone has an idea what soil I should choose in Rachio for this?


Oh man, that’s a new one. @emil any thoughts on this?

@rwabel What part of the country do you live in? I think a lot of soil types are regional.



North Texas in Denton County. However if I look around my location I see a lot of sandy loam. Also I can see if I scale out clay loam. So it seems it might really be complex :slight_smile:


Thinking clay loam might be your best bet, but I am no means an expert!



@franz I actually checked with some people in the neighborhood and it seems we have Silty Clay. 3 or 4 feet of silty clay that allows water to drain through until it hits the layer of clay under it which once saturated forces the water to run downhill.


@rwabel, sorry I’m late to your question. Glad to hear your neighbors had some insights.

If you’re ever bored one weekend and want to double check for yourself, I’d recommend trying the mason jar test – see the last page of this white paper.

I hope this helps.

Best, Emil


sounds like fun…not sure when I really get time to do that on a weekend, but who knows :slight_smile:

Add Silt Loam as a soil type

@rwabel, maybe I could sign a doc’s note for you to call into work sick for the day :wink:


Which soil type would you select for a Rachio Gen 2 controller if your entire property is this soil type? Cannot find an option for silt loam?

Guidance on Flex Daily schedule

I would go with loam then mover your available water down to .15 to start


Thank you. I’ll give this a try. Learning more about soil types than I ever knew :slight_smile:


Would I select Loam for my soil type?


I personally would go with loam with available water at .1