Showing watering occurred, didn't water...what gives?

My only complaint about this is that this isn’t the way it worked a few weeks ago - if a watering didn’t happen, it wasn’t shown in the moisture chart when using Flex.

What’s changed is that it is now showing a watering that didn’t happen, until the next day in my case.

Granted, it’s just for us data nerds who like to look at the graph daily (okay, multiple times daily) but it’s not as accurate as it used to be, and could be.

Agree totally! And it probably only does affect us data nerds! :grin:

Thanks for the response.

I just don’t like how the data is presented now - the inclusion of a watering record on that report when a watering doesn’t take place, even if it is corrected/updated the next day - leaves me with the impression that something in the system failed.

Well and it just looks like something in the system failed, you know?

I can understand not having a record of some kind in the regular logs when using Flex because I assume that the given zone was within my defined Allowed Depletion levels.

With this sort of strange new way of leaving the irrigation record in the chart even when it hasn’t occurred it just makes it feel like the system has failed in some way.

It doesn’t feel right, even though I can understand the logic behind it. The presentation of the data was better before.

This same thing happened to me this morning. And the lawn really needs it


Normally you will sometimes see this behavior if the forecast is slightly off what we determine one hour before the flex schedule will run. Unfortunately this morning some controllers (Gen 2 only) would not have run their flex schedules due to a connectivity issue from this morning.

Any flex daily schedules that were scheduled to run today (and soil moisture was depleted) will run tomorrow.

If you’d like to run a schedule today, you can either add zones to the remote and run manually, or build a schedule with your zones, disable it, and then just run the schedule manually.

Sorry if this has caused any issues, the connectivity problem we experienced will be monitored properly to prevent this in the future.

Thanks for the info

@franz Good to know. I noticed that several of my zones didn’t fire today and was wondering if I did something wrong on my end. Glad to hear that they’ll water tomorrow.

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This happened again this morning.

Same Here. 6-29.

@cdavis It looks like all of your zones watered yesterday, can you PM me a screenshot of any discrepancy. Thanks.


Sure, I think that may be some of the issue. In an effort to get ahead of some recent problems with runs not happening and a stressed lawn, I emptied the zones yesterday thinking that would trigger a run today.

The moisture levels seem to think that happened, but in fact it didn’t.

So this is the beauty, and bane of dynamic scheduling.

Looking at the audit, the forecast called for a considerable amount of rain in the morning. The forecast called for .28in of rain, well enough to offset the daily watering. Now as you can see the forecast is calling for .13in of precip, which is not enough to offset the .16in of crop ET, hence why the simulator thinks it should have run today.

I’m going to spend some time next week to see if we can fix that display issue, so at least it doesn’t show the faux watering event.

Hope this helps.


Skipping watering because we should be ok without watering before the next possible watering date of 2016-06-30 based on the forecast

WaterEntry=WaterEntry(date=2016-06-29T12:00:00.000Z, evapotranspiration=0.16, cropEvapotranspiration=0.14, irrigationEvents=[], effectiveRain=0.28, soilMoistureLevelAtStartOfDay=0.0, temperatureMin=64, temperatureMax=82, depletion=1.0, stationId=null, exposure=1.0, cropCoefficient=0.88, depthOfWater=0.38, humidityAvg=0.7, cloudCoverAvg=0.63, dewPointAvg=66.2, windspeedAvg=4.97, solarRadiationAvg=null)"

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Makes perfect sense, and I agree about the forecast. I do think doing something about the phantom watering event would make this even more clear.

That would be FANTASTIC – it would at least stop a lot of confusion I’ve seen here on the forums.


So just to clarify - these phantom watering events that are showing…they’ll be disregarded/erased overnight and the system will water tomorrow if needed?

@cdavis Yes, it is a display only issue.


I think the I’ve fixed the phantom irrigation events issue.

Essentially, if the controller didn’t flex water today, and it’s after the scheduled time for the flex daily to run, the graph will now show a irrigation event tomorrow (with a depleted zone) and not today.


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@franz. That awesome. It should save a lot of confusion. Nice job!!! :iro: