Show date in online history?

I was reviewing my history using the web interface and it has lines like

Last Tuesday at 5:30 AM
Watered backyard lawn for 11 minutes

Which is ok if I’m looking at the current week, but difficult to follow if I’m looking at what happened last week or last month. If I want to look at my watering history in April (it is May as of this post) its hard from the online history to figure out where April is even listed without counting back thru every entry.

Unless I’m missing some way to have the history show actual dates, could this be added to the log? For example:

Last Tuesday 5/19/15 at 5:30 AM
Watered backyard lawn for 11 minutes

@mikeT Hmmm, good point.

We are rebuilding the Webapp from the ground up, releasing very soon, @Dan how are we handling event dates in 2.0?


Hi @mikeT,

In 2.0 watering history looks like:

It’s an infinitely scrollable list that shows relative days up to one week back and then switches to dates (when showing dates, the time is currently missing). We feel like this is a better solution for most people and it sounds like it solves your issue. All feedback is welcome…