Shorter intervals - Mister's (Propagation)


I have seen this mentioned many times before, but never promised or replied on. The ability to program for misting propogation beds, usually these allow the users to set the misters for 5-10 seconds on, then 1 minute off, a cyclical timer. I know there are alot of people who use rachio for drip irrigation, but i’m sure there are others who might also jump shit from more expensive products from galcon to rachio if they knew they could program zones down to seconds.

I personally am adding zone this year for my drip irrigation alone so i can own the utilization of it as opposed to manual controls. I would love to get a propagation bed in by fall as well.


Hey @brooklynmatty!
Thank you for the feedback, it is especially useful when we here the use case behind different feature requests :slight_smile: . Propagation beds are new to me, but after some research it looks like a very interesting project! If you don’t mind me asking, why are the watering intervals so short? I’m assuming this cyclical watering is for helping the soil absorb the applied water, but 5-10 seconds is shorter than I would expect. Let me know!

McKynzee :rachio:

PS- out of curiosity, what type of plant are you propagating? Would love to see some pictures of your set up once it’s all done!



Thanks McKynzee for following up.

The watering intervals are short because the purpose of the misting/propgation beds are for rooting soft or semi-soft wood cuttings. When taking cuttings from plants when soft, the leaves that remain need to remain moist but not soaking wet to avoid transpiration. The short intervals of 5-10 seconds on and off for 5-10 minutes allows for just enough moisture to remain on the leaves while they root without drying out.

Generally these beds have a quick draining medium like sharp sand to prevent too much water from being introduced to the cuttings and preventing rot. The moisture from a couple seconds of spray every few minutes is plenty for rooting.

My thought on how to implement this kind of functionality would be having it as a subset of the “fixed interval” schedule and that when going through the setup of “fixed interval” and “mister” is chosen, that the option for cyclical timing is a “choice”. By enabling that cyclical timing then the user can choose “how long on” and “how long off” as an option and seconds are allowed. This way it wont clutter up the rest of the functionality and allow only people who are interested in plant propagation the option, which is a very large community and potential venture for Rachio to advertise the product functionality as such.

I currently grow fig trees, over 80 plants (~60 different varieties) and rooting over 100 cuttings this spring, possibly over 200 by end of season. I also plan to venture into Mulberries/Blackberries and other fruiting plants. If its worthwhile i might eventually have a side business, its a fun hobby.

PS - if you haven’t realized by now, i work in the product software industry. My job entails product features/functionality/road mapping/



@mckynzee Any update if this is in the roadmap or any plans this has any chance of getting off the ground. I am trying to redo my sprinkler system now and this includes possibly adding another 2 zones (1 for drip and 1 for prop bed).



Hey @brooklynmatty-

I have relayed your request and it’s context to our product team! I can’t give any insight to timeline or roadmap on this, but trust that we are listening and building. :cheers:



Thanks mckynzee :slight_smile:


@brooklynmatty Anytime :sunglasses:


Shorter intervals would also be appreciated by anyone starting a lawn from seed.


How short are we talking @bjohnson?


As short as a minute and up to 6 times a day.


Does anyone know if Rachio has incorporated this in the new Rachio 3?



We do support an “hourly” schedule with our new software. Does that help your scenario?



Not sure, the ideal would be to water for 5-10 seconds every 10 minutes. It’s a technique for propagating softwood cuttings so they don’t get either too wet or too dry.

The controller in this link has programs of duration as short as 1 second and cycles as short as 1 minute. I have a nursery and need about 10 zones of regular irrigation and 1 zone of misting 10 seconds every 10 minutes, and would rather use a rachio for convenience, but I need that setting in order to propagate plants.



This seems like a really cool way to grow!

Unfortunately we do not currently support zones runs of less than one minute through our app. I will make sure the product team is aware of this type of irrigation.