Short Watering to sweep the frost in low temperatures


My gardener recommended that when there is frost caused by very low temperatures, it is good to perform a short watering before the sun rises so that it will sweep the frost and it will not burn the grass. Will it be possible to make an irrigation plan that meets some temperature condition? For example, if the temperature is less than 5º, do a 5-minute watering in each area before dawn?


The current way to do that would be using an IFTTT recipe. I don’t know if the “time” component can be added but definitely the “temperature” component.



But maybe could be possible if i can do a schedule based on certain temperature obtained from the wheater station of my location?


@dafioga - This should be possible with the new IFTTT Maker or

However, in my city it is against the law to water when it is freezing outside due to the icy conditions the overspray or run off would cause. So one may need to consider is it sunrise (or X minutes after) and is the temperature between 2 and 5 celsius and would one turn the schedule off when everything is dormant - so looking at a calendar too??


@DLane I hadn’t heard of apilio, thanks for sharing! I’ll need to check that out.



@franz - amazing what Google will find when you enter “ifttt multiple conditions”. :wink:

So credit to Google.