Short pause in schedule from iphone app; possible?


At one point it was possible to pause the watering schedule from the app while it was in the middle of watering.

Then this functionality was removed.

Has this functionality been added back?

Scenario: Rachio is currently watering zone 3 for 10 minutes, Suppose Rachio had already watered zone 3 for 3 minutes and had 7 minutes left to water zone 3.

You could hit a button in the Rachio app to pause the watering. Then when you were ready for it to restart, you hit go, and the watering continued from where it left off. 7 minutes to go for zone 3.

Is this an available feature?


Not currently, but our v3 software will have many delighters :wink:



Will this also be exposed in the API?


Eventually we will have our API support all of the enhancements in v3, but no date on when that will be available.


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