Shifting schedule after rain skip?

This sounds like an obvious question, but I couldn’t find an immediate answer in the forum.

It rained yesterday (Thursday), so my sprinkler skipped its regularly scheduled run this morning.
That means the next scheduled run on my every-other-day schedule is not until Sunday.
But hypothetically, the weather could stay hot and dry from yesterday afternoon until Sunday morning. That’s almost three full days.

After a rain skip, is there a way to “shift” the entire schedule rather than simply going back to the original schedule? It would make more sense if Rachio executes its next run on Saturday rather than on Sunday.

Or you could just start a manual schedule. The blue arrow(bottom right of app) and click the schedule tab and hit run.

Or depending on how many stations just do a syringe cycle on each zone that might need a little supplement to get them to Sunday.

@Rachio_Newbie I assume you are using a Fixed Monthly schedule. If that’s the case then the schedule just starts up at the next scheduled day and time. If you don’t want to wait and want to water sooner than you can run the schedule manually as @gaustin suggests.

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But you’ve told Rachio that you don’t want to water on Saturday. In your case, it’s more of a preference, a time spacing you think is good, but Rachio has to obey the rules you set up for it, and not water. Usually, the lawn will be fine for an extra day, but as others have said, if you don’t think so, then run manually for Saturday.

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Running it manual you have to set the duration. For me if I wanted rachio to run the exact session that it scheduled but was skipped, i would just modify the schedule’s start date to today’s date and let it schedule a new one out asap.

If it’s just one zone, then yes. But you can manually run an entire schedule and then you don’t have to reset the durations.

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I don’t like it when all my zones water on the same day. It takes almost 6 hours, not counting the drip zone, and as I’m a believer in only watering in the morning, the 5 AM start time can run to almost 11 AM. Of course, all the zone’s don’t always water on the same day, but with similar crops, after a heavy rain period, they almost always will the next time or two that it waters. I’d prefer 1-2 zones run per day (only have 5 lawn zones).

So, I made a Fixed schedule. Maximum water applied at once for my yard is 0.51", and my daily evaporation has been in the 0.15" amount lately, so I set my largest zone to apply 0.1", my next zones to 0.25", and others to 0.35". Basically, randomly spreading water around, which should help randomize the application of water. Ideally watering 1-2 zones per day. Great thing about it, is it doesn’t need to be perfect, or even close: Rachio will change watering days to accommodate water in each zone. That’s one of the things I love about Flex Daily: I can test a zone, or water another one because of a new planting, or not water a day, and Flex Daily will catch up, keeping all zones at their best moisture levels. :wink:

How do you run the entire schedule manually? I must have slept through the training class.

That’s what you get for staying up too late! :wink:

Two ways that I know of. 1) From the Home screen on your phone, click on the Play button at the lower right (this is on Android), and it shows Zones. Choose the Schedules tab and click on the schedule you want to run (even if it’s disabled). 2) On the Schedules page, choose the Schedule you want to run, and click QUICK RUN SCHEDULE at the top of the page.

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If you are on an iphone, I don’t see a way to do it from the Zones page. But going to the MORE hamburger, selecting Schedules and then selecting your Schedule and Quick Run will do it. (not sure why the Android and the iPhone interface are different for this. You woulda thunk they would be the same!)

You woulda thunk a LOT of things when comparing Android and iPhone apps, and you woulda be wrong! They just don’t seem to offer the same features. And HOW can you use a phone without a Back button!? :slight_smile:

Ah thanks. I now know.

I don’t understand why people are obsessed with mobile apps. Rachio has a fine website at . From the home page, choose Schedule, select the one to be run, click Quick Run. This works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and many others. The technology is amazing – on all these platforms, it works the same way!

I received this email a few days ago from TransUnion:

I don’t think much of the company in general, but IMO this is a smart move – it not only frees up skilled engineers for more profitable endeavors, support costs are also reduced.

I’d like to see Rachio do the same, in two easy steps:

  1. Update the website to include the few mobile app features presently lacking.
  2. Update the mobile apps so they are simply a mirror of the website. With luck, no further updates will be required.

Then, put all that great talent into smarter irrigation, better customer service, etc.

I kinda agree, but these days a Smart device means it can be run from a Smart Phone. I personally like the web interface, but I’m not always at my computer. If I’m away from home, or just in another room (or at 4AM in my bathroom when I wonder what’s going to water the next day), the phone app is very handy.

OTOH, I just checked Rachio’s web site on my phone, and it displays very well on it. Different than both the app and online, but certainly usable. (FYI, you have to go to and LOG IN to get there)

If I’m in the house, I prefer to use the web interface. Especially for looking at moisture details. But if I’m working out in the yard and need to do something I find the app much simpler to access and use. I think there is a use case for both.