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Hello there. My system seems to decide to NOT work for certain zones and certain days. Example: it worked for every zone, then last week 3 zones wouldn’t Monday and Tuesday (neither the schedule or manual run would work). Wednesday they all worked fine again. Today I took a walk around the property while running the manual schedule 3 minutes each zone. Same thing as last week, 2 zones worked and 3 did not. Tried changing schedules, turning Sunday “ON”, nothing!

Just seems so strange and hope someone might be able to offer some direction, advice, ANYTHING!!

Is your schedule fixed, flex monthly, or flex daily? If a flex schedule, could the skipped ones been a higher soil moisture percentage?

It’s a fixed schedule. And even if the system were to skip for some reason, shouldn’t the Quick Run option still work?

I apologize, I missed the part about the Quick Run. Weather, saturation, etc. would not affect a Quick Run. Is it always the same thing when it fails, two zones work and three do not? What is the configuration, in other words, are the two zones in one sprinkler box and three in another? With it being intermittent, it kind of sounds like it might be an intermittent connection or something.

Thank you for being such an active member of the Rachio community. Yes, there are in fact 3 separate boxes, but I’ve become so very frustrated that I just deleted my rachio and am in the process of starting from scratch. Fingers crossed this fixes the issue.

@dalebaca, unfortunately if it is a field wiring issue like Thomas suspects then deleting the Rachio setup will not have any impact on fixing the problem. Check all of your connections at your valves b/c it sounds like an intermittent common wire issue. It almost sounds like a waterproofing issue, for example the wire nut lets in a little water cause a grounding issue and then it dries out between cycles and works again.

Agreed with @gaustin. Where are the working / intermittent working zones in relation to those three boxes? Do the wires go from one box to another or are there three sets of wires that go to the controller? If you want to draw a picture or something, that might be helpful.

Thank you both for your support, comments and suggestions. Unfortunately after I already deleted EVERYTHING from Rachio and reconnecting to no avail, I went and checked every possible connection through the yard. Culprit was found and the hot wires cleaned and reconnected. BAM, irrigation is back up and running! No to rebuild all of my programs (facepalm )

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The important thing is that you figured out and fixed the problem. Good work!