Shared Access Not Showing All Zones and Cutting off Displays

I’m having someone come to winterize my system on Friday. I was testing out the shared “Limited” access so I could see what the sprinkler company will have access to. In the web page, only 8 of my 9 zones are listed. Additionally, all of my displays are cut off and do not show the full zone name, which will be highly confusing for the individual trying to figure out which entries control which zones. Is there something I’m missing on using Limited access?

@kinan A couple of questions for you- which browser are you encountering these issues on? Also, are you sure all of your zones are enabled in the app?

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I’m using Safari on an iPhone 7 Plus. Additionally, I’m sure that all zones are enabled. In the second screenshot, there should be an entry for “Back Lawn - Fence Line.” However, nothing is listed below the last entry.

App Screenshot
Limited Share web screenshot

Hey @kinan-
So I was messing around with our shared access and it is difficult to do but you are able to scroll up and down on the zones in the remote. First, I would hold the phone in landscape mode, as this shows more of the zone name and will hopefully make it more clear to your landscaper which zone he/she is activating. In order to scroll, you have to touch and scroll directly to the left of the three little dots on the left side of each zone. I have no idea why, but I seem to have more success scrolling when I first drag a zone to change the run order, and then drop it, and then scroll. I realize this is absolutely not ideal and I will let our team know of this issue, but these tricks will hopefully help for your winterization on Friday!
McKynzee :rachio:

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Thank you, mckynzee, for getting back with me. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Limited site is usable enough to send to a person who has never interacted with the software before. Additionally, due to the zone names being cut off, it’s going to be impossible for them to know which zones are being controlled. I will have to make other arrangements to have a person present to allow access to the controller. For all intents and purposes, the Limited share function is not usable (at least on Safari) as it’s currently designed. This is a feature that I’d really like to see enhanced so that I can use it in the future.