Shared Access Activity Logging

I have a landscaper that has access to manage my system and would like to know what they run, change or add in the logs. Right now you see X has changed or ran in the logs and I’m like to see email address has made a change for manually run zone 11 for 10 mins.

What started this was I started seeing one of my zones going off manually for a minute and then turn off. I know it wasn’t me and told support that I needed them see of they could tell me who was hacking or accessing my system. Tell looked and saw it was my landscaper doing it which was a relief. The zone was a courtyard that I had to walk through and the landscaper was playing around trying to catch me walking through it and soak me. Ha ha I told him.

It’s not a must have just a would like to have.



@Johnnyweb Thank you for the feedback- this would definitely be nice for people with more than one person having access to their account! I will make sure to get this to the product team.
Cracking up that your landscaper was trying to soak you on your way in :joy:
McKynzee :rachio:

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