Share Sensor with multiple Rachio units!

I have 8 different Rachio 3 units at 8 different properties here in town. 4 are on the same street. Another is a few blocks over. Another 2 are basically next door to each other. The 8th is a few miles away on it’s own.

Currently I have a rain sensor at all 8 properties connected to the R3. What I would like to be able to do is only have 1 or 2 sensors, but be able to share that sensor among all 8 of my Rachio units!

Please please please bring this capability. Seems like it should be pretty easy to implement!

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Seem doable @franz ?

Hi Troy,

You can accomplish pretty much what you are trying to do using

I’ve described this setup in one of the previous posts here (link). You would need to create a separate trigger for each of the units without a rain sensor (so 6 of them as far as I understand).

Let me know if you have any questions with the setup.



This is awesome, thanks for sharing. Just wish that it had the capability to do it real-time. When your sensor goes on, the other unit goes on. When yours goes goes back off, the other one does.

Rachio’s API is open, so one could conceivably code something up to this effect, but I do not know any off the shelf method of doing this, short of buying a physical relays compatible with IFTTT. Personally I think a good local weather station is far more useful than a temporary override based on rain sensor data.

Are you using flex daily schedule? This schedule can be adjusted to mimic other schedule types, and gives you the best support for weather data (such as tracking soil moisture and tracking rain data).

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Just checking to see if this is in the works by chance? Or possible. Would still love to see this feature!