Shade exposure configuration to adjust watering duration and times

I’ve tried the automatic scheduling on the Iro and the Skydrop, both overwater by default, and I reverted to an interval schedule.

What I would find very useful is a feature where I can describe the shading, as that, and rain, is ultimately what makes me manually change schedules.
E.g. In the winter the garden in the front of my house, that faces North, gets no sun, while in the summer, it gets half day sun, making a huge difference in the amount of water to apply.
E.g. There is a 12’ wall running East-West in my back yard, with my garden on the North side of that wall, in the winter the beds next to the wall get no sun, while in the summer they get half day sun.
E.g. I have planters against both side walls running North-South, and they get different amounts of sun, and also morning or afternoon sun.

By describing the shadow the controller should be able to increase and decrease water per area based on the hours of sun on the beds per day.