Setup issues - Zones don't activate

Just installed a 2nd gen rachio. Previously had a Hunter Pro C. Rachio connected to wifi and wiring is done but no zones seem to activate.

@travish50 - From the photographs it looks like the wiring is correct. My guess is the black wire must lead to a pump start relay or a master valve - was that option enabled in the Rachio application?

Also, which one do you have?

Have you tried to manually activate a zone using the buttons at the controller or just the application?

Is there a rain sensor in-line with the common wire?

@travish50 I see wires in your sensor terminals on your Hunter. I don’t see those wires on the Rachio. If those wires are not hooked up, they are now open. This will prevent activation.

Most of the posts I read said they weren’t necessary. Any ideas on where I should hook them up?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes the master valve option is enabled.

There was a rain sensor on the Hunter and when I manually activate the zones, it just does the same thing

@travish50 - Here are my current thoughts based on the most recent posts:

  1. Water to the master valve/entire system is turned off.
  2. Master valve isn’t triggering.
  3. Wiring issue - cut common wire.

One test would be to manually activate the master valve and one zone solenoid using the bleed screws on the solenoids. If no water comes out when the master valve and a zone are both manually activated, then I’d check the water coming into the master valve/system being turned off. If water comes out of the manually activated zone, then I’d close the bleed screw on that zone and with the master valve still activated used the buttons on the controller or the mobile app to test a second zone. If the second zone triggers, then the fault domain would be around the master valve (valve or electrical to it). If the second zone doesn’t trigger then I’d be looking at the common wire or electrical circuits not being complete in the field.

If you are not going to use the sensor wires, twist them together at the end and see if the system activates.