Setup Gen 2 with 4 start times with 150 minutes delay between starts?

I am really trying to dial in my system this season. I bought some Orbit catch cups and used to audit my back zones. According to the results, that sight is suggesting I have 4 start times with 150 minutes between start times. Run times are:

Zone 1 - 51 min (uniformity 38%)
Zone 2 - 52 min (uniformity 60%)
Zone 3 - 56 min (uniformity 40%)
Zone 4 - 36 min (uniformity 48%)

Is there a way to set up the time between starts on a Gen 2 controller? When I created the schedule, I found where I can set a manual soak cycle, but only 60 minutes. Also, what is the Cycle option for?


I would put all four zones in one schedule, make sure you have Smart Cycle checked, and let Rachio handle it. The Smart Cycle will put the soak time in automatically for you. See this article: