Settings regarding water output per zone?

Dear all,

I just ordered Rachio Gen 2 from Costco, which includes weather intelligence plus. If I know the duration in minutes that will output 1 inch of water (measured with cans), where can I put this info in Rachio? I have a different set of sprinklers for each zone. Some zones are high output while others are low output. But I do know how many minutes are required to put out 1 inch of water and I cannot find a place to put this info in Rachio. Can someone help please?


HI and welcome to the Rachio community.

Your setting can be achieved on a zone by zone basis. For each zone, go into the advanced settings and all the way to the bottom of the list to “Inches per hour” setting. Since you already know how quick you can do that one inch, just convert that in to the time comparison. :slight_smile: