Settings not saving

I’ve updated my app and I’m trying to change my zones back down from 1/4" to 1/8" for the rain sensitivity - and believe I had already done that last week and they seem to have reverted back. But I’ve tried to save them at 1/8" and when I go back in the settings for each zone, they are reverted back to 1/4". Help please?

@jeremyshultz‌ Will have the mobile team look into this. If you PM me your username I can adjust until we determine a root cause. Thanks!

@jeremyshultz‌ I checked your watering times and they are all set to .125 (1/8’). I would try logging out of the app and logging back in. Will still have the mobile team look into this. Thanks!

@jeremyshultz‌ We verified a defect. Anything below 1/4 gets rounded to 1/4 on the display. The actual value is correct, it’s just not displayed correctly. This will be fixed in 1.7. Thanks! have a great night.

I noticed the same problem. Every time I change the sensitivity, after I save it, it bumps it up a notch. My quick fit last night was to set it one notch lower, save and then it was set to the correct sensitivity. This is a new issue with 1.6 for me.

@conrad314‌ Thanks for the feedback, this issue will be fixed in our next release which is coming out shortly. This only affects iOS. Thanks again.

@franz I’m happy to hear that the next release is coming out so soon after 1.6 since the features that will be available sound like the best enhancements yet.

Is there any possibility to also include a customization in order to set cost of water so we can use that data and start to see cost savings rather than only amount used? I am really wanting to see my return on the investment which will also help me recommend the Iro to others.

Are there screenshots yet available?

What’s a realistic definition of soon?

I’m only asking because I am hoping to be able to still be able to try out all of the new customizable settings before I have to blow out the lines for the year!!


@jeremyshultz‌ Excited to share all of this, I think the community is going to love all the changes. Will document this weekend with screen shots, etc. and post back here.

Hey @franz‌
Just checking if you’ve gotten the chance to do this yet? Along with an ETA?


@jeremyshultz‌ Hopefully wrapping up screenshots, etc. today. Will post links when I have all of that finished. Will also provide an ETA, etc. Good stuff for sure!

@jeremyshultz‌ Excited for this release which will really help fine tune all of our ‘smart’ watering.

Will be posting new articles about how cycle & soak, weather intelligence, and water budgeting are being overhauled which will have a huge impact on saving water and being more water efficient.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, preferably on a new discussion.

Our goal is to submit to the Apple store sometime next week (probably late) and it takes about 7-8 days for approval.

As soon as I have finished those other articles will post in the ‘Release Notes’ category.


@jeremyshultz‌ Updated cycle/soak.

Should have water budget and weather intelligence done soon.

@jeremyshultz‌ New water budget documentation.

This API code will be rolled out at the end of next week or weekend.