Setting Up Questions

As mentioned on a couple other threads I have, I decided to go ahead and get a Rachio 3rd Generation 12 station unit from Costco. I researched my grass as best I could, entered in previously measured square feet and inches of water per hour (calculated from actual water flow and estimated square feet). I will be fine-tuning the inches per hour later after measuring with Drip Cups.

I set up a Flex Daily schedule with all options except I’ve asked it NOT to water on Fridays, as that’s the day we usually mow the lawn (although it’s often every other week).

My question concerns the Total Watering time and total times for each zone. Is that total for the WEEK? And it will be split up into various days and times per day, due to slope re-watering? And would it be calculated for the current temperature? Or will the frequency of watering change from the indicated water per week (at this time - I know frequency or inches will change in cooler weather)?

If so, the total comes up to about 95% of what I am currently using /except/ I’ve been applying a Budget value based on published weekly FRET values (currently 1.30 so 130%), meaning it will be a fair amount lower total water. Great, if the lawn stays good.

I’ve set up the schedule but had it start a week from now, as I want to be more sure of what’s going on, plus this week it’s supposed to rain a good bit. Just trying to understand it all.