Setting up Personal Weather Station to integrate with rachio (gen 2) directly from internet


@aristobrat, thank you so much for researching and posting this. Now I can better understand where @MarkSanDiego was coming from and why I was thinking so differently – I live in NC and my rain situation is similar to yours in VA. The recording of the amount of rain my yard gets is a major part of getting my sprinkler system to water appropriately.


Hey Bill, how’s that WeatherFlow PWS working out? I’m very curious to hear how it’s performing for you.


The WeatherFlow is a 3 piece solid state system (no moving parts). A hub, Air (temp, humidity, pressure, and lightning strikes) and Sky (wind, rain, light). They are still in final design testing for the Sky unit. I received the Hub and Air units. Install took all of about 15 minutes and has been working and uploading data to WU flawlessly. However the system doesn’t work with my Rachio without the Sky sensor. Personally I’m ok with waiting for a product that will work correctly especially since I’ve winterized and won’t need it till next spring anyway. If you’d like a look at the data here’s some links:
Any other questions, don’t hesitate, happy to share and or help.


Couldn’t figure out how to link my WF to an existing WU account at first and WU created a station ID in a different city for some reason. I have since learned how to link the WF device to an existing WU account. New WU link:


Hey Bill, long time no type!

Not sure I ever communicated to let you know that, per your suggestion, I ordered that WeatherFlow personal weather station. Back in October or early November, shortly after you told me about it. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on it. WeatherFlow keeps hitting snags in production and the delivery date keeps getting pushed back, at least for those of us who ordered later in the funding process. I certainly hope you’ve received your Sky unit by now. If so, how happy are you with its performance? Did you get it successfully linked to WU?




I have received mine and am quite happy with it. And yes, I figured out how to link it to an existing WU account.


Have you been able to connect your WeatherFlow and Rachio? I’ve had my WeatherFlow for over a month. I am able to connect to the Weather Underground.

Ralene St, SD, CA KCASANDI4527

When I go to my rachio app, and go to edit weather station, I see a list of weather stations in my area but mine is not listed. If you could provide me with some guidance I would be very appreciative.

Thank you for your time.


done (link)

In case you don’t have a Gen 3 unit or a Gen 2 from Costco (which have a direct WU support), I’ve added your info to pwsweather. In the future, in case you run into issues with your WU station, data can also be acquired directly from WeatherFlow, just PM (link) me your public / share link for you station.



First I find it funny that Rachio is suggesting using a specific PWS as when I called them to enquire about recommendations they said they don’t give any. I asked if the Davis 6153 vue pro was compatible they said as long as it connects with pws weather or cwop it would work, another if there employees said it only works with pws weather. I started looking at weather stations as non of the information I’m getting from local weather is not working. Had three days of rain and system never stopped watering. All my settings are correct. This is so frustrating and confusing. I’ve contacted Davis and am waiting on reply before I spend all that money. I think the Davis system is worth the money but why wouldn’t Rachio make sure there compatible with the majority of systems and not focusing on just one system, which goes against everything they keep telling me. I’m still reading the posts and hope I find a definitive answer to what a lot of us are asking.


Any station that supports WeatherUnderground (which is almost all of them) will work.

If you own a Gen 3 it will natively show up in our PWS station list.

If you own a Gen 2 @Gene (thank you gene!) can add it directly to for you.