Setting up a drip system

Hey Rachio Team:

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Could a link to this publication be put into the knowledge base? Might be of some help, especially to users in the western U.S. where drip systems are more common.

Meanwhile the debate over calculations continues . . .:wink:

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@sunny, are you referring to this publication?

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Yes, and / or this website, too., specifically these pages:

How are you? Long time no talk! I never did get around to sending those photos of the garden harvest. Life happens. I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

We did have a fantastic cherry harvest this spring. Mmmm, cherry pies . . .
The potato harvest should be better than last year and the blackberries are beginning to produce. We’re looking forward to salsa and pasta sauce made from our tomatoes and tomatillos.

Thanks to George for maintaining that watering schedule. This is the second year for that controller and it’s been very hot and dry this summer. Ethel has been a bit more finicky with flexible schedules and the desert monsoons, but we’ll get it dialed in.


Ooops! Apologies. Meant that post to go to @emil, not the forum. Sorry!

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@George LOL when I first set up my controllers, the instructions said “name your controller”, so I did. One is George, one is Ethel. George is a very good name, don’t you think?

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Haha…I love it, definitely a great name.