Setting schedules for multiple Iros

I have two Iros. When I set a schedule on the first time, it picks 5:00AM on June 30th as a start date - fine, (although one could argue that 5:00AM is far too late in the morning for 16 zones)…

However, when I set the schedule on the second one, it picks the exact same time as the first unit. This is a problem especially with my water pressure as I can’t have two zone watering effectively at the same time.

The scheduling system should be smart enough to not have both Iros watering at the exact same time. (I know I can manually change, but I was hoping the scheduling would be more “intelligent”. Is there any way to set a “master” schedule for multiple Iros?

As an aside, it would be nice to see the schedules for both Iros on one calendar view instead of having to have two windows open to constantly compare the two.

Correct, even though Iros are on the same account, they don’t take into account each other’s schedules. This could be problematic for customers that have installed Iros at different locations, so it starts to get complicated fairly quickly.

We do not have this capability at the moment.

Thanks for all of this feedback. I will make sure the product development team get it.