Setting schedules correctly in preparation for Seasonal Shifts

Hello All -

I installed Rachio last year in the heat of summer, so my water times are set to max times for the hottest weather. Now that I am turning on my water for Spring, I’m uncertain as how to program my water times in anticipation of hotter weather.

Any suggestions?

@JMurph72 - have you tried Flexible Daily schedule? I haven’t try it on summer yet but mine looks like its adjusting right for the weather on my area.

Theoretically - I’m only supposed to water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I’ve seen that daily flexible schedules don’t play well with only three days to choose from

Hey @JMurph72-

Do you mind telling me what schedule you are using and what type of weather intelligence you have enabled? This will help in knowing if your schedule has already adjusted down from that peak of season watering!

You are correct- the more strict your restrictions are, the trickier flex can get. If you are willing to work at getting your zone settings really in tune to your system, we can get flex working for you, but it requires some more work up front!

Let me know-
McKynzee :rachio:

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If you have the advanced zone settings correct, you will find it works, but may run earlier than expected to cover a deficit that could occur on restricted days based on forecasting data.

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