Set up my gen 2 yesterday and manual buttons are not working correctly

I finally got around to installing my gen2 yesterday. Everything works great from my phone but when I tried to run a zone manually from the clock things went wrong. The first time I started zone 2 manually from the buttons on the clock the zone 2 light came on steady, zone 2 came on, then shut off when I hit the circle button again. When I tried to go to another zone it would not advance past zone 2 and would not do anything after. I tried to manually start a zone from my phone but the app hung up and couldn’t connect to the clock. I did a power cycle and tried again with zone 4. The same thing happened again but the zone light would stop at 4 and nothing else would work. I power cycled again. This time when a zone would go on the zone light would flash a few time than shut off but the zone would stay on. The only way to stop it was power cycle again. I tried once more and the same thing happened again where the zone came on but would not shut off. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you try again today? You were on one of our first firmware versions which I think had some issues with manual button press. It should all be working today. Firmware is updated after the device is connected.

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You were right. The next day everything worked as it should. Thank you

I had similar problem(s) with my Gen 2 when I first installed it. Selected a zone manually, started it manually, worked fine.

Couldn’t though, stop the zone. Had to pull the plug.

A week later, this problem seems to have gone away. I assume it went away associated with any firmware updates done automatically to my Gen 2 controller.

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Yes, unfortunately when firmware leaves the factory, not much we can do, especially regarding the buttons. Glad to hear your problem was resolved.