Set schedule /timing question

I live in Pleasanton California, and our City wants us to run sprinkler system during summer at certain schedule : each zone to run for 15 min total with 3 increments of 5 min each with 30 min in between for 3 days a week. So monthly flexible schedule won’t work here. I started custom one for every 3 days and it breaks 15 min down to 8 min x 2 with break . Would have been nice if it could give an option to break it by 5 min.

Hey @Sunset-

I am going to switch this to feature requests to make sure it is appropriately logged. In the meantime, I would recommend upping your slope on your zones. This only affects our cycle and soak feature, and should shorten your “cycle” times!

McKynzee :rachio:

Great suggestion, thank you !

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