Service suggestion


First let me say I love my Rachio. Big improvement from my previous setting. I have 2 16 zones units and while not integrated (Big +1 for that!), it still gives an incredible flexibility.
Now, while i consider myself reasonably tech savvy and after quite a bit of time spent on both the site and other locations, have learnt quite a lot about watering best practices, I still feel that I’m not really leveraging the full potential of the system, especially when it comes to the power of Flex.
Kudus to Franz, Emil and their colleagues for providing a great support too.
But I can’t stop thinking many users could be interested in a “premium” support or install option via local sprinkler contractors who would have been well trained on the system, would know well local weather conditions, be comfortable with rachio features and design and could schedule a local visit.
I think Nest has a model similar to this one.
This is less about the physical install and basic configuration but having a list of “power users” per zil code who would be interested in charging a few $ to work with more demanding homeowners to optimize their watering.
In my experience, most sprinklers installers don’t like the rachio system. They are mostly non tech (install old analogue or basic digital systems), complain that they can’t easily run or program them (although v2 was an improvement) or will recommend a commercial unit that makes no sense.
I’m sure there could be quite a few pros out there who would be interested to be well trained, would carry a smart phone and would like to make some money on top of their regular business at no additional cost, especially during low season for example.
Please let us know if there is an easy way to find such folks and alternatively we could help by referring good local irrigation pros to rachio for a certification program for example.


@istreich I love the idea of offering this to users who want to move to flex but don’t feel comfortable getting all their settings correct! For now, a good option is posting your current settings on this community and then getting input from other users on how to improve them, but ultimately that requires you to do all the footwork. Would be nice to have an option for those who would rather not do that.


Out of curiosity, what steps have you taken as you have been moving into flex? Are there any settings you feel you may currently have setup incorrectly or don’t know how to improve?


No real issues. Just a little overwhelming and intimidating when you have 2 controllers, 20 zones, various types of heads, vegetation… and not sure of your soil :slight_smile:
I have learnt a lot and continue to by checking the site which is great and appreciate tremendously the contribution of all participants.
but if you are an “optimizer”, you could use some help of someone who could do a lot of those steps for you. and I guess I tend to be more tech savvy and details interested by most… I am thinking about a more “regular” user who would not have the time or interest to research all this.