Send notifications to authorized users


As the registered user, I get notifications from Rachio about changes to my schedule. My understanding is that these notifications only come to me and not the users I have granted access to the system, one of which is my landscaper. It would be helpful if notifications could be sent to all authorized users as I am frequently away and my landscaper could double check any schedule changes.

Email Notifications to Shared Access

You have a kick ass landscaper.


I just discovered that I have the opposite problem.

My landscaper installed my system and activated it. This caused the system to be registered in his name – actually, the name of his teenage son, who performed the setup on his smartphone! He then shared complete access with me, so I am able to operate the system. But the notifications are going to my landscaper’s son, rather than to me.

So, +1 to this feature request. I suggest that the most logical thing would be for each authorized user be able to control his own notifications (app and email) independently of any other users. Each authorized user can already change the notification settings in the app, so it is surprising and non-intuitive that the settings don’t apply to that user but only to the registered owner.

In the meantime, I’ll need to look into re-registering the system in my name – not sure how to do that!


Hey @eataft-
Thank you for the feedback! I will make sure to get it to the team :slight_smile:
As for getting the controller to your account, you will actually have to have your landscaper’s son delete the controller from their account, and set it up as a new controller on your own account. I recommend having him screenshot your current settings so it’s easy to get everything switched over!
McKynzee :rachio: