Selected PWS Precip Data correct but not reflected properly in the App

I have had the IRO up and running for a few weeks and we finally got some precipitation last week so I could validate the PWS’s reporting. What I am seeing is that the PWS I selected is actually VERY accurate, but that accuracy isn’t carrying over to the IRO especially in the precipitation data.

For example:
8/9 it rained around 6pm MT totaling 0.03

Rachio shows 0.08 on 8/10

8/14 it rained around 5pm MT totaling 0.09

Rachio shows 0

8/16 it rained starting around 2am MT totaling 0.11

Rachio Shows 0.08

Actually Rachio always shows any precip as 0.08. However I only have a few samples points. Irregardless the numbers never match up. I logged this issue with support but figured I would put it out here for others to look at.

@Hooper, thanks for posting screenshots of your experience. We’ve been communicating via support (and have reported the weather station for review), but I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue?

Thanks, Emil

@emil I’ll let you know if we ever get any rain in CA :smile:

What I can confirm is day after day of 0.00.

Apologies for resurrecting an old topic, but I’ve been wondering about this question also. Lots of rain this week here, so I started looking to see if the reporting lined up with my local PWS.

Here is what is on the Iro:

But the data on WU (for KNJPRINC8, which is the same as MID_E7502) shows:

And on Findu for EW7502, it shows:

You have to squint at the graph, but the same daily accumulation (blue line) seems to be the same as what is reported by WU.

I was wondering if it could be some timezone shifting going on, which is annoying but not a big deal, but the numbers don’t quite add up either.

This all came about because of the helpful posts by @johnny2678 and @boldblue737 to get on the PWS bandwagon. But after a little exploration of my currently selected PWS, I noticed the discrepancies above.


@emil - any feedback for us on this topic?

Something is up… We had a good bit of rain last Weds. PWS reported 3.97 inches but Rachio only shows 3.94

Note: I’m NOT complaining about my missing 0.03 inches. Just trying to be helpful and point out discrepancies if there is a bug that needs to be squashed. :grin:

This is probably not a bug. The moisture level will not go over 120%. Sometimes I’ve seen it at 119% or 121%, but I’m pretty sure that is due to rounding. So the precipitation amount will get lowered in this case to set the moisture level to 120%.

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If that’s the case, I’d rather see accurate reporting of the precip totals and have the logic cap moisture levels at 120%. Just my 2 cents.

Great observation, and that certainly appears to happen, but it doesn’t totally explain what I was seeing in my post above. In that case, the Iro was actually reporting more precipitation (May 3) than was reported by the weather station.__

@stonecliff, I saw that on yours and it had me totally puzzled as well. I get why it reports less, but I would have thought the only time it reported more would be if you are doing a fill, but that would go to 100% and not 120%. So yours is very odd.

This issue of incorrect reporting of actual precipitation on the Iro remains. I hope someone at the company can take a look.

Here’s the current situation: we received 0.1 inches of rain on May 29, and 0.55 inches of rain on May 30. Here is the data on WU (for KNJPRINC8, same as MID_E7502) (

And on Findu for EW7502 ( it shows:

Which is the amount as on WU. So there is not a reporting problem.

But here is what it shows on the Iro:

This simply makes no sense, unless the Iro is not using the data from our selected weather station.

Could someone at Rachio take a look at this, because something is very much out of whack.


@stonecliff I’ve opened a ticket with Aeris weather regarding this discrepancy. Will let you know when they have more information.


@stonecliff Will relay more info as I get it.


Our team is looking into this. Confirming with NOAA, I can see where our system is picking up the .74:

the 24hour precip is at that level, though the precip since midnight is at .55.

I will connect to our team and see if we are receiving the precip since midnight for this station, as NOAA has not always been redistributing this value. I will update shortly.

Franz -

First, you guys are great. What attention to detail!

That’s really interesting. When I pull the WU detailed data, it shows this:


So it looks like somehow the daily rate number at midnight (0.19") is being added to the daily total. I would think they should be pulling from the accumulated total only to avoid that confusion.

I’ve had the same problem. My PWS finally got some precip of 0.02 (lol this is huge in San Diego) but not recorded in Iro.


I am experiencing a similar issue. I am trying to use a PWS much closer to my house (2 miles) than the public weather station (15 miles).

The PWS is reporting precipitation but my moisture charts are showing 0.00. PWS DW5601.

Most notably June 1 PWS reported 0.30in Rachio shows 0.00in

Screen shots below.



Can you provide URL links to the data referenced above? The more data the better so we can work with Aeris.


Here you go.

@anders1212 I’ve submitted this information to Aeris and will let you know what they find.


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Difficult to see on graph but it recorded 0.02" over 24hr on May 30th on PWS but not on Rachio.