Seeding schedule getting messed up

I just seeded my lawn today. I created 3 schedules… Seeding AM (5am), Seeding Mid Day(12pm), Seeding PM(5pm). All 3 are set to “everyday”. I have 2 issues.

  1. When I go between my laptop, android, and iPad and check and adjust times etc… The settings are not consistent through each device. For instance… On my laptop, I set Front Lawn to 5 minutes. When I check the settings on the iPad, it may say 43minutes. Also, on my laptop it will say ‘everyday’ but on my iPad it would say ‘every 3 days’. I make sure that I click SAVE after I make changes. If needed, I can go step by step and provide screen shots.
  2. I cannot start a schedule from any device. For instance… I just got done seeding and fertilizing and it was after 5pm. I go into the “Seeding PM” schedule and choose “run now” and everything on the screen appears to be running. The problem is that when I look out of my window, there is no water. I can manually start the zone from the remote icon and choose the duration of the zones and that will work fine. This is going to be my first time with manual settings and I am a little nervous that the schedules are not going to run properly.


@pmolan, thanks for reaching out. I’ll do my best to address your concerns below:

Confirmed, I see these in your account.

Could you send us screenshots of what you’re seeing? We can try to reproduce what you’re experiencing. Sometimes resetting the app can help if haven’t already; simply logout, force close the app, relaunch and sign back in.

I’m curious if you’re seeing the total schedule duration, versus the individual zone durations. The AM schedule is set to run for 26 minutes, and the midday and evening schedules are set to run 16 minutes.

Hmm, so you’re able to manually start a schedule, but can start the Iro using the remote icon? Does this occur on both the mobile and web app? The best test you can do is to check the Iro’s status light to see if it lights up blue – if it does, then the Iro is receiving the command from the cloud. Could you please confirm this?

Best, Emil

Can you edit watering schedules on your iPad? I set mine up on my Windows PC, but when I look at them on my iPad using the web app through Chrome, there is no way for me to save it or even close it. I have to close it by closing my Chrome tab and starting all over. Can’t make any changes.

My grass seed has been moist after 2 days so I’m not really looking at it at the moment. I realize that my messed up zones was user error. When I made a change on my laptop, then a little later went to my iPad, I didn’t realize that I needed to refresh the data. I was seeing the original data that was populated when I setup the zone initially. I am so used to apps at work that everything is in sync. I will retry starting my schedules early tomorrow to see if that was my error as well.


This happened to me too. Some times changes will show without refreshing - like a scheduled watering date, and sometimes refreshing is absolutely required, even the next day. I too would prefer if everything is automatically updated as soon as a change is made. I think many posts of complaint are really do to a lack of updating.

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@pmolan & @JCE, I just recreated some edits that do not automatically update between the web & mobile apps and vice versa. I’ll share these with our development team to review. I found the following changes ‘auto-sync’d’ or ‘failed to sync’.

Enable/Disable a Watering Schedule

  • Mobile to Web: auto-sync’d
  • Web to Mobile: mixed (calendar icons auto-sync’d, but Schedule Name failed to sync)

Zone Name Change

  • Mobile to Web: auto-sync’d
  • Web to Mobile: failed to sync

Zone Detail (Attribute) Change

  • Mobile to Web: auto-sync’d
  • Web to Mobile: failed to sync

If you recall other changes that fail to sync between the web & mobile apps (or vice versa), please let us know.

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I think you have a problem with synchronization between you web app and your android app.

I have entered edits to my schedules on your web app and later used my android app to examine them and find that the latest changes to zone durations were not synced to my android device. There should only be one schedule regardless of device I used to edit it.