Seeding Option

I have my zone configured for regular watering every 3rd day. But…several times a year, I fixing spots in my lawn by throwing down seed. When I throw seed down in a zone, I like to water more often, and I usually build 4 additional schedules that allow me to water for 5 minutes, 4 times per day. The idea is to keep the seed wet so that it grows faster, but you don’t need long watering for seeding. I have to manually do that, and I’m not sure a lot of your customers would know that you want frequent short waterings when you first plant seed.

Why not add an option for newly planted seed? Something like the user pushes a “Seeding” button, checks off the zones where they planted seed, and then the Rachio automatically schedules frequent short waterings for the next 2 weeks or so for those zones. (Whatever would be recommended for efficient grass seed growing). At the end of 2 weeks, the schedule goes automatically goes back to normal.

Then from the user’s perpective, they don’t need to prepare and manage separate watering schedules for seeding.


Great suggestion, absolutely in our software backlog. My guess is it won’t make it in for this watering season, but we are already planning for next year and will be giving schedules a full make over, to allow for this and some other amazing functionality :wink:

Thanks for contributing, we love to get feedback.


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