Seeding/Hourly schedule question


I’m about to put down some seed, and like the idea of an Hourly schedule. However, after playing with it a bit, I am wondering if there is some way of setting it so it doesn’t run through the night. It’s not likely to dry out at 1 am, and I don’t want to over-water the other parts of the zone. Thanks!

I personally just set multiple fixed schedules to start at different times of the daytime hours. A little more work up front, but as the seed takes hold, you can delete schedules one by one. If you really want to get fancy, set an end date for the schedules to automatically start cutting back.


I do the same as @tmcgahey as I overseed every fall. But I don’t delete my fixed schedules. Once my seed is down in the fall, I change my start date for all the schedules (I only use 3 - one in the morning, one around noon, and one in the late afternoon). I set the morning one to end after one week. I set the afternoon one to send after two weeks. I set the noon one to end after 3 weeks. I don’t delete them so that they are ready to use the next year. Works for me and my grass always does well.


it would be nice if they fix it and have a start time and an end time you can set not just one not smart at all and have a scroll wheel you can select the hours you want instead of fixed to 1,2,4and 6 or how many times you want to water your new grass between the hours you put in