Seed Germination with Cycle and Soak Not Working

Could really use some help here, I for the life of me cannot get the cycle and soak feature to work correctly, it always defaults to the full watering cycle and one soak rather than splitting them up. The zones are set to rotors and the total time is 6 times the set cycle and soak times, full details below. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Current Setup:
Type: Fixed Schedule
Interval: Every Day
Zones: Z1 Front Yard, Z2 Front Yard
Times: Start after 6:00 AM
Watering Duration Total Time: 1h 12m
Start/End Dates: Today - Oct 13
Cycle and Soak: Cycle 6m, Soak: 114m
Weather Intelligence: Rain Skip On

Here is how the zone is setup:
Zone Type: Cool Season Grass
Spray Head: Rotor Head
Soil Type: Clay
Exposure: Lots of sun
Slope: Flat

Try changing your slope to steep. Slope only effects soak cycles.

Linn, are you saying that soak will only occur with Steep lopes? I don’t think that is the case. It’s a factor in Smart Cycle & Soak, but not the only one, I’m pretty sure.

I’m assuming from the OP’s post that he has selected Manual Cycle & Soak, which /should/ only consider his cycle & soak times, I think.

jamestford, I think part of the problem might be you’re trying to use the entire 24 hours, watering 6 minutes every 2 hours. Personally, I don’t think new seed should be watered except during the day, but my opinion aside, your cycle can about never end before it begins again. In fact, it would be impossible for any other schedule to run on the same day. Is the fixed schedule you’re working with (above) the ONLY schedule you’re running? That’s a problem with Manual Cycle & Soak, nothing else can run while it’s soaking. I’d try something that waters your seed maybe 3-4 times a day max, during daytime, and see if something on that order can work. What other schedules & zones are you working with, if any?

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My goof. I read the post too quickly, and I think you are right.

@jamestford, if you are trying to set up for overseeding, it would probably be simpler to set up some fixed schedules at the times you want to water. I agree with @rraisley, I wouldn’t want to be watering during the night.

Like @Linn said, a number of fixed schedules are the best IMHO because after the first week or two, you can start backing off on the frequency by simply deleting a fixed schedule or two.

UPDATE: Figured out the issue, I was assuming that when using manual soak and cycle the schedule would show the various cycles. Turns out they are all bundled together, after it started I could see the soak cycle in the up next section of the app.