See exact watering time/duration/break

I’ve been using Netafim subsurface drip lines with my turf for 14 seasons and this is my first try with Rachio. Unfortunately I’m finding I will need to manually tweak a lot of settings for the unique watering pattern of subsurface drip. The drip works better with multiple shorter waterings (e.g. if 30 min total required, 3 runs of 10 minutes to allow for percolation).

The flexible daily schedule with Smart Cycle looks like it has great potential - but is there any way to see exactly what the planned total duration and individual run times between cycles will be (or were in the past)? I have the general pattern pretty well set from years with a traditional controller so would be nice to start there and then let the Rachio adjust based on conditions.

Disregard - I see the detailed schedule is now showing under watering times.

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@hiflyer Glad to hear it! Let us know if we can help with anything else :slight_smile:

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@hiflyer, sounds like you had to create a custom nozzle for your system?

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I did originally, but then decided to go with a standard rotor head to see how the logic behaves for a while since I’m brand new to Rachio.

Ok, not sure where I found those run times but now I can’t! How do I see exactly how long a zone is planned to run or how long it ran last time?

Hi @hiflyer!

If you select the calendar on your dashboard, then select any given watering day on that calendar, you can see the run times and soaking times for that day! I hope that helps!

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi mckynzee,
Thanks for the quick response!

If I click on the day on the calendar, below that I see:

Is that what you mean? (If I click on either of those schedules it just brings up the schedule edit page.)
What I’m looking for (and could swear I pulled up somehow before) is detail exact run duration for each zone.

You are almost there! On that larger calendar view, select any day on that calendar you have a watering. You should see the breakdown from there.

When you get into the Edit Schedule window, do this…

and this is the screen that will show up

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I will add that I like clicking on the specific day in my iOS app because it shows me the cycle soak also


If I click on a day in the calendar all that happens is that the watering schedules below the calendar expands. I seem to recall clicking on a day on the calendar brought up a detailed schedule for that day, but I’m not seeing that now. (Tried in Opera and Firefox.)

Are those durations in the edit schedule window “generic” or specific to that day? And how do I see potential breaks between the durations? (I have Smart Cycle on.)

@Modawg2k Ah, I do see the specific durations for each zone in the app, thank you!


@hiflyer Ah that’s it! This view is only available from the mobile app. I should’ve clarified that earlier, I apologize.

No problem, I thought I had seen it on the webpage. I use the app far more frequently so works for me. So far the Rachio is working well, but I expect to need to do some tweaking later this summer to adjust for my turf subsurface drip so need to keep a close eye on the automation.

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