Seasonal shift notice

Today I received a seasonal shift notice. I’m not sure how to react. The notice is on a schedule that is disabled. (I disabled it in favor of a flex daily schedule when my watering district allowed me three days upon which to water. So the shift is certainly appropriate, but then again, nothing will happen since the schedule is disabled.

I received the same type of notice, but since I live in the desert where we can still expect the temperature to reach 100+ until mid-October, I disabled seasonal shift.

I received the same thing today. They were on Manual schedules that I set up to take care of watering when Flex daily thinks its going to rain and it doesn’t, my zones go into what is in reality negative moisture levels, and I’m traveling – I went in to take weather intelligence off of them using the web app, but can’t fix it via the web app! :confounded::anguished:. Have to go to the phone app to turn it off. I should be able to do this from either location!

Yep, received the same thing on zones that are all set to manual. Actually, all my zones are set to manual because they are all single point emitters (not rings because that doesn’t work in my area/soil). Rachis has been completely uninterested in supporting emitters in their software so I had everything set to manual so that I could “tune it in.” And now they tell me that they reduced the watering schedule just at the beginning of the hottest and driest time of the year? It makes no sense whatsoever. They have, in the past, shown that they are less than interested in supporting anyone but their core, but sabotaging the rest of us is a new approach.

I really appreciate the notification. That way, I have the option and the flexibility to change my fixed schedules or not as I choose. My fixed schedules are those on a drip system and based on my observations of plant health, I can accept Rachio’s changes or leave settings as I had them.

My old dumb controller had to be adjusted manually at least 4 or more times per year. That meant remembering to do it and going outside to change the time.

In all the years it hung on the wall outside, never once did I get an email from it to remind me that a seasonal adjustment might be in order.

I agree with appreciating the notification. I just wish I had been smarter when I was setting my fixed schedules up to notice the seasonal shift, but even more importantly, I should be able to turn the setting on and off from the web app as well as the mobile app.

I would love to hear how the seasonal shift was created, and who determined that places like Arizona and Southern California (me) need less water during the hottest month of the year (check almost any US or state monthly temp web site). I realize that I can turn it off, but it just seems insane to me - common knowledge that July and particularly August are the hottest months in our area.

In the Arizona desert, August actually does cool down somewhat (a few degrees) with the monsoon thunderstorm activity. June has typically been the hottest driest month.

The record temp for Phoenix was June 26, 1990 at 122°. It was miserable.:sunglasses: