Seasonal Adjustments


Need some help here ! Just set up my system and I am having a few problems with the weather forecasts. After a short time away from home, returned to find the attached. I know it’s been on the dry side here, but is this normal ?


I’m pretty sure the problem came from your neighbor with the dumb irrigation controller. Take a look at your water bill, I’m sure you’ll find that you were not the one to pay for all that water.





@Chuck I’m forwarding this to our customer success team. Clearly something went wrong here. Looks like an epic fail :wink:



That is why I never use Orbit controllers. On the other hand, a soil moisture sensor could have…done nothing to prevent this either. I concur with @Gene. Blame the neighbors for their “Dumb” controllers.


Hey @franz. In addition to the fixed and flex schedule…Can you guys add a “Sandbag” schedule? :sweat_smile:


Leaves and debris on your roof is a leading cause of roof leaks. I suggest you consult a professional immediately.