Scroll Thru Editing Zones

Would be great if we could just click through the zones while in edit mode either clicking Next/Prev or picking from a drop down vs. having to click into each one, then close and pick the next one, etc.

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That would definitely speed up editing! Out of curiosity, how often are you editing zones? Are you editing them to tune in flex right now?

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi @mckynzee yes, currently just trying to tweak the flex scheduling, so this idea would definitely help anyone who is starting out. But even down the road, maybe every season when checking things, etc.

If it’s easier it always helps.

What would be a really great help too is seeing all zone settings in a single table - in the app and/or ideally download to Excel. Great for comparing things, making sure have right settings across the board and quickly, backup copy if ever needed, etc.

Had to change controllers and this would have been a very handy way to bulk upload and restore all zones.

Make sense?


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Definitely makes sense @arkley68! Thank you for elaborating. Why did you have to change controllers over?

Thanks @mckynzee - controller change was an installer issue and not at all a Rachio one. Actually Rachio was very helpful in resolving.

The view all zone info in one place would be Really helpful tool even more so if could upload and download it.

Worth posting that as a separate Product Suggestion as tucked in here on the end?

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I capture post by post, so no worries about another post :slight_smile: Thanks @arkley68!

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