Screen info vs actual events. Need clarification

Image shows correct watering on 30th with correct ETc for the 30th - 2nd. Shows watering to take place on the 3rd. This did not occur at 2 am. I need to know why this did not occur.

Next watering day on the zone info went from the 3rd to what you see in this photo the 11th. I assume this is because it was expecting that the zones that were scheduled to run today did. If you look at the history there is no indication that the watering events took place starting at 2am the 3rd.

Summarizing: Watering occurred as it should have on the 30th ETc was high enough to cause watering to occur again on the 3rd but it did not, and now the schedule is saying next potential watering date is the 11th.(certainly could be). Why did watering not occur on the 3rd as predicted (ETc was certainly enough to cause watering to occur).

@ETIrrigation, apologies for the delayed reply. Looking at your moisture graphs today, the Flex schedule for Zone 1 watered on the 4th. This usually occurs when the weather station reports change in the final 24 hours leading up to a forecasted watering event. It’s important to remember the that Flex schedules do there best to predict future waterings, but that the actual date may change given the data reported to it. This is a good thing as it allows the Iro to factor live, real time weather into it’s decisions.

As you’ll see, the moisture percentage on the 2nd was 18% and fell to 0% on the 3rd. Had your allowed depletion been set higher, the schedule would have ran, but the Iro saw your lawn could go another day without watering and pushed the schedule up a day.

This appears to be a data discrepancy we need to review. We’ll look into this to as it creates some confusion as you pointed out.

I hope this review and explanation helps to resolve your concerns. With Flex, just remember the schedule will always run once it hits 0% moisture content. The forecasted watering day can adjust +/- a day pending your local weather. Sometimes the accuracy of the weather station and/or how quickly it reports to the weather service to be read by the Iro can impact Flex schedules too.

Just curious, how is your lawn looking using Flex schedules?

Best, Emil

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Soil moisture actually fell below 0% or below MAD which should not happen. In My screenshot .33 on 9/30 - .13 10/1 - .13 10/2 and forecasted -.10 10/3 would be negative .03 and this is why watering was scheduled for the 3rd. (So soil moisture would not fall below MAD)

With your screenshot that number was actually negative .04 you just don’t show negatives.

October 3rd was the correct day to water but, I believe the weather forecast that predicted rain kept the system from running, not actual data collected from the previous day. When the precipitation did not occur the controller ran at the next possible start time.

Now that I am behind on keeping the grass healthy I will have to spend time adjusting and watering manually, something I do not want to be spending my time doing. I will also lose the savings I gained by having to water extra to bring my grass back from beyond wilting point.

Most of the time watering will occur prior 0% for the reason one more day would take the value below 0% or MAD, unless you have recently changed the way your program works the value hardly ever reaches 0%

Forecast driven watering does not work everywhere and I need the ability to turn that function off if I so desire. I just want to use actual collected data.