Scheduling Question

I just finished installing the 8 zone Gen 2 controller and everything went perfect! This is my very first experience with any type of irrigation controller.
I have only setup 3 zones so far, still installing the lines and such for the other zones.
Unless I’m missing something, I thought I could setup a zone to operate exactly as I want, without any other variables involved.
I have a line ran to one of my fountains and want to schedule this line to come on independently of everything else. This is just to add water regularly.
Is is possible to do this, or am I just overlooking something?

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Just exclude that “zone” from any of the flex schedules, setup an independent manual schedule for that zone or run it manually.

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I would set up a fixed days schedule for your fountain zone. Set smart cycle off. Go into weather intelligence and make sure climate shift and seasonal shift are off. In my case, I leave rain skip and freeze skip on,


@jim_gately Does your fountain have a surface skimmer?


No it does not

Btw, I’ll try your suggestion and let you know if it works…might be tomorrow though…thanks

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Thanks too, I’ll look into that too

Thanks for all of the input…guess I was too tired to figure this out…lol…pretty simple and works the way I need it to.
This is an awesome system to say the least…I’ll be hanging around for a long time…thanks all!