Schedules that don't seem to work

I set a schedule to water my shrubs to start on May 7, 1 1/2 hours each of two zones on my mobile app. Nothing happened and it all appears active on the mobile app. I go into the web version, and this schedule is not there at all, nor is the schedule there for another group. Two are in the web app, and the other two are not. So I’m confused what happened to the schedule and why it is not working.

these are the posts that terrify me. the last thing i want is to worry if my schedule tweaks take effect

@garmanmd Can you send an email to with your username and description of issue?

I’m sure they can figure any issues out that you are having. It typically has to do with physical rain sensor, wiring issues, etc.



I did send an email yesterday to Emil with screen shots. Should it go somewhere else?

@garmanmd To be safe I would always send to, but I’m pretty sure @emil will have received it either way.


Hi @garmanmd, good afternoon.

I did some digging and found your screenshots. It appears they got grabbed by another team member. Will reply tonight.

Thanks, Emil

Just an update, we solved the issue :smile:

If anyone else is experiencing the same issue, please make sure you have a repeat option selected (#6 in

@garmanmd, we appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience here. If there’s anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best, Emil

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@emil w00t w00t!