Schedules not running?

Not sure where the problem is, but maybe multiple events.

For a variety of reasons I have disabled Smart Cycle and Weather Intelligence. I have 7 zones, I modified an existing schedule for two zones, set to run every day at 5:00 a.m. Did that yesterday. Day to start was like May 28th (when I originally created the old schedule). I also created a NEW schedule for 2 other zones set to water every day as well (just different time, long story).

This morning, both the App and the Web show:

  1. Nothing ran this morning
  2. Both app and Web show that nothing is scheduled for today.
  3. Both app and Web show that none of the zones have any schedule

I’ve seen #2 and #3 since I purchased the Rachio last month, but figured it was a glitch in the system. The schedule shows up underneath the calendar, so I figured if it was an interval schedule, the software was too dumb to display properly. But now I’m wondering if it’s really glitched out or not.

Manually running the schedules works fine.

@hurnik This looks like the 'ol standby mode gotcha :wink:

These are my favorite to track down since they are easy to fix.

To disable standby mode just go into device settings and toggle it off.

Your scheduled schedules will then all run properly.


Thanks! What causes it to go into Standby mode? It’s been that way ever since I installed it, I believe.

@hurnik It has to manually be put in standby mode, so maybe accidentally testing out features?