Schedules not running

Hi, I have my zones set to fixed schedules, and when I look at the calendar, it shows every day where a zone is supposed to turn on. Everything looks good. But in the day of, the time comes and goes and the zones don’t turn on. They show up as upcoming, but then they disappear without turning on. Does anyone have a suggestion on this?

Are you saying they disappear after the time comes and goes OR disappear before they were to run? Are you able to manually run a zone and see that the water comes out?

I can manually control everything. That part works great. But they schedule for that day disappears when the time comes. I’ll have no past watering for that day and no active schedules. For example, I had two zones set to turn on today. I saw them scheduled. 9:30 am comes for the one zone, nothing turns on, that zone disappears from the schedules runs for the day, does not appear in past runs, and does not appear as actively running.

(scratching my head) . . . anything in history?

Nothing in history, except for the manual runs I did.

There was a 50% chance of train today in my area, could that be why? It was bright and sunny when the schedules were supposed to go on. And it hasn’t rained in a few days.

That could be the reason.

You could turn off all of the possible skips, such as rain, wind, etc. as a test to see if it then runs as expected.