Schedules and Rain Skip

I have 2 fixed schedules

  1. Waters on Tuesday & Friday Zones 2 - 4
  2. Waters on Wednesday and Saturday Zones 5-6

Rain Skip set to 1/2 inch

We didn’t have rain Monday evening/night so Tuesday ran. We had 1.72 inches of rain Thursday evening/night and Friday still ran. It should have skipped.

Since I have 2 days in the schedule, does it check the first day and if there isn’t a skip it never checks again for that schedule set to a different day? And likewise, if there had been a skip on Tuesday, would Friday also be skipped regardless whether it rained Thursday evening/night?

Is this a bug or designed this way?

If designed this way, I assume I should create 4 schedules - one for each day so skips should be checked for each day?