ScheduleRule Skip -Not supported for 3.0 API

Not sure what this means - I’m trying to skip watering through the API. I have the bearer and schedule rule ID. when I do the PUT and pass the ID I get a return code of 900 that says ‘not supported for 3.0 API’

Is there a different way to stop watering for a day?

Ideally I would be able to do it by calendar day and skip ‘all zones’. I don’t there is support for that manually, so I was going to just skip each schedule rule through the API on given days.

I presume you are using a format like:

curl -X PUT -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “Authorization: Bearer 8e600a4c-0027-4a9a-9bda-dc8d5c90350d” -d ‘{ “id” : “4eab11bc-b455-472d-86de-14fe8fbcb7f9” }’

Where 8e600a4c-0027-4a9a-9bda-dc8d5c90350d is replaced with your API key and 4eab11bc-b455-472d-86de-14fe8fbcb7f9 is replaced with your schedule ID?

I’m actually doing in postman. but I have the bearer and the id being passed.

ID passed the body

Where are you passing in the bearer? It typically goes on the “Authorization” tab and when you do, it usually has a green dot by it like we see with “Body”.

Also, I have not tried with a schedule skip, but I tried with starting a zone:

//“id”:"{{front-zone-id-goes-here}}", “duration”:60
“id”:"{{front-zone-id-goes-here}}", “duration”:60

With the comment in there, it gave me the following error:

“code”: “301”,
“error”: “field name id required. Error message is Unexpected duplicate key:duration at position 118.”

Removing the comment did as I would expect. You might try without the comment you listed in your body.

Come to think of it, standard JSON does not support comments.

I appreciate the feedback. removing the comment does not help.

In the authorization tab the bearer is inherited. This is for the whole collection. I use this same collection to get the person id, device id, zones, etc. I’m confident it is not the bearer.

I have other PUT functions working - i can start zones and stop zones no problem. Passing the Zone ID through the body in JSON works with the inherited bearer.

Stilll just goet this ‘not supported in v 3.0’ errors.

What is your {{URL}} set to?

it’s right - same as the rest of the request. When sent, the put URL in total is this:


I will try it out hopefully tomorrow

I decided to try another schedule. Everything seems to be correct, just like you, and I get the same results as you. Seems to be some issue beyond us (documentation, API, whatever) unless we both made the same mistake.

Thanks for checking. I don’t know if this makes me feel better or worse!

See if anyone else chimes in

Well, it is likely not anything we are going. Probably will have to be @franz or another Rachio person to jump in here.

schedulerule/seasonal_adjustment seems to have the same issue

code 405.
{"code":"900","error":"not supported for 3.0 API"}