ScheduleRule Info API returning wrong Schedule Name (Impacts IFTTT)

This adventure started with a new user (myself) trying to set up multiple start times for a single schedule (big +1 for that feature for me and my landscaper!). I wanted to be able to create a single schedule for when I overseed (changing from winter to summer grass here in Phoenix).

My reviews of the forums led me to IFTTT since the Rachio software could not handle it internally.

I have 3 fixed schedules created. 1 is just for my bubblers so we can not consider this. #2 is my “normal” schedule that waters all lawn zones for a fixed amount. #3 schedule is basically a duplicate of #2 except the water time is set to 2 minutes which is just enough time to keep seedlings moist.

When I went to IFTTT I saw the 3 schedules except they weren’t named the same names I gave them on the website/phone app. 1: Bubblers, 2: Water The Lawn, 3: 2 Minute Program. Instead IFTTT displayed the names as 1: “Iro1 - 9 Front Yard Bubblers House, 10 Front Yard Bubblers Sidewalk”, 2: “Iro1 - 1 Front Yard House West, 2 Front Yard Middle, 3 Front Yard Sidewalk, 4 Front Yard North, 5 Back Y…” and 3: “Iro1 - 1 Front Yard House West, 2 Front Yard Middle, 3 Front Yard Sidewalk, 4 Front Yard North, 5 Back Y…”. You can see my dilemma, I don’t know which program to select from IFTTT.

So, since I am a self professed geek, I spin up Postman to connect to the public API and sure enough the GET to returns the Schedule names as listed above. I did eventually figure out the correct schedule to pick through IFTTT using the developer tools in Chrome and verifying the schedule ID from the API request and the ID selected on IFTTT through the Chrome tools.

Long story short…

  1. I would like the ability to select multiple start times for a single schedule in the Rachio website & phone app
  2. The Name value response from the public API should actually return the name of the program selected and not the Device Name - Zone names within the scheduled program…

Thanks for reading!

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Definitely in our backlog, rebuilding calendaring to support this, more than likely next watering season feature.

Great sleuthing, our 2.5 release introduced this issue regarding the name. We have corrected this and it will be fixed in our cloud environment over the next couple of days.

Thanks for reporting!