Scheduled watering forecasted while at Field capacity

If zone was at field capacity on 25th why is watering scheduled for the 26th? (by the way, watering did occur on 26th)

Please explain


I reviewed your account and it looks like yesterday the zone was manually adjusted to a empty moisture level (2015-09-25 16:17:25 UTC which is 10am Denver timezone.)

This morning the zone ran (since it was empty), and then after it was finished (just a few minutes later) the zone was manually set to a full amount. The reason it is above the saturation level is we apply manual irrigation events to the previous day. So, having it run this morning + the manual fill is why it is above the field capacity.


Ok, so if I understand this correctly, the manual event (

that occurred in the same 24hr period of the executed schedule run time, forced the system to calculate an above 100% field capacity. If a manual fill event occurs within the next 24hr period, no matter what the moisture balance is the outcome would be placed at the 100% capacity. Is this correct?

Another words, it would not matter where the Moisture Balance is above 100% or Below 100% the number would be moved to 100%, with the Fill adjustment? Empty adjustment would take the balance to 0%

Also, Now that the customer has managed to unintentionally get things off track, I would like to know what would be the best way to get this customer back on track. ***My Idea would be to wait until the customer says that watering should resume in the next 24 hrs and then use the empty/fill tool to adjust moisture balance to 0% so watering would occur within the next scheduled start time, because my guess ETc will not be high enough to get watering to occur soon enough. (pushed to far down the calendar) *** Do you have other ideas?

That is correct.

That should work. If you set the moisture level to empty today, the schedule will run tomorrow. This applies to any situation. Once the moisture level is emptied, the flex schedule will run tomorrow (unless there is significant rain predicted/observed).

Let us know if you have any other questions.