Scheduled Run Listed Twice?


Am I reading this wrong, or is something not right here? The same Flex Dailey sched., same day & times, listed twice.


Each zone in a flex daily “can” and usually run separately. If you click on those days it will probably show different zones running on those days.



That was my first thought as well. However, it was identical… same name, same zones, same times. Notice that on the original screen cap that the second instance did not have “skip” option.
All correct this morning, now shows two different scheds.



@helosix Ok now I see what you were reporting. That might have been a display issue. I had the team review your account and everything looks correct now. If you do see this issue again I’ll have the team review to determine where that extra schedule run is coming from (display issue or other).

Thanks and have a great week!



Just FYI; I was viewing via web interface on Chrome. I did not check it on the Android app… it was late.
Thanks, cheers!