Scheduled for Tue, Thu, Sat, but running only on Mondays

I live in NorCal and we have specific days we are allowed to water. I have my trees set to the allowed schedule (on a drip system it’s Tue, Thu, Sat), but when I look at past and scheduled watering, it’s showing only Mondays. Which is not frequent enough nor an allowed day. How do I get it to water correctly?


Looks like you have a few things going on here. A lot of your zones, including your trees, are on a flex daily schedule. This waters much differently than traditional schedules and will only water when moisture levels in the zone are depleted. Since we will want to “deep” water the zone for longer but more infrequent waterings your trees will not water as to the days you expect. This graph shows about every 10th day watering the trees. This is the “correct” way to water but a lot of people water differently due to various factors.


If you have a certain way you’d like things watered I would use a fixed schedule and not a flex daily schedule.

Here is more information on the different schedule types. More than happy to help with any further questions.

Here is more information on flex daily schedules.

Lastly, since you chose Tue, Thu, Sat for your schedule those are the only days it is allowed to run. I usually don’t recommend flex daily schedules if you have many restrictions, they work better when they can run exactly when needed. The Monday watering you saw was a manual run performed through the remote.