Schedule went blank!

I went to check my schedule for tomorrow and all of my stations say they will water after May 18th. Are you having server issues or is something else going on? I am currently using a flex schedule if that matters. Thanks!

Hi @woodmedic!

Just logged into your account and saw waterings before May 18th. Because of that it sounds like the data is not loading properly in your app (eg: a network issue). I’d recommend refreshing/logging out and in/etc…

Let us know if you run into anything else,
Dan :rachio:


That seems to have fixed it. It was strange because it was showing the same thing on the web app. Thanks

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I saw this today too. First time that’s happened. Things seem to be back to normal, though I am having to refresh the web app after making changes to see the results. Don’t recall having to do that before…

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Our third party event/push notification seems to be having issues today.

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