Schedule too complex error

I’m running into a funny error just trying to set up a watering schedule for a single zone, for Wed/Sat only, starting at 4:30am. Web app just hangs when clicking “Create” while Android app gives the following message:
“Schedule too complex, reduce or edit watering times”

Edit: Nevermind… I had to delete a disabled schedule that included that zone and it worked out. shrug


Just as an fyi…

Gen 1 has a loose limit of about 9-12 schedules based on # of zones and complexity.

Gen 2 has a hard limit of 16 schedules :wink:

We will be rebuilding the way schedules are stored on gen 1 (and gen 2) and eventually both will have a limit of at least 16.


Ok, that’s good to know. I bought my gen 1 about a week before gen 2 was released…

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