Schedule time duration anomaly

When I create a schedule for 14 minutes or less and save it the duration matches the duration I chose, but if I choose 15 minutes or more and save it the duration is tripled. Why is that happening? It’s scheduled every three days in both scenarios.

@radamio‌ It is the Smart Cycle feature that is great for water runoff.

To summarize:

“One of the best ways to use water efficiently on your yard is to cycle and soak. Watering in increments gives soil time to soak up the necessary water and allow water to travel further into the soil where the grass roots are, creating a healthier lawn.”

Let us know if you have any questions!


Thanks but I’m still confused. My schedule is using 1 zone with a fixed spray nozzle.

That page says:
"for example, a 14-minute run time may be irrigated for 7 minutes, turned off while the controller advances to irrigate another zone, then irrigated for the remaining 7 minutes to achieve the total 14-minute run time."
So what would the “Duration” be for this example?

Is duration the total watering time or does that include the waiting time in between?

In my example, a 14 minute duration shows as 14 minutes and a 15 minute duration, after saving, shows up as 45 minutes. Does that mean a 14 minute duration will not use smart cycle? and a 15 minute duration will?

@radamio‌ The allowable runtime depends on soil type, nozzle type (inches per hour), and slope. From there we calculate the maximum allowable runtime (MAR). So, in your case the MAR could be 14 minutes, when you hit the threshold we add cycles.

The duration shown would be cycle + soak, If you go to the calendar view you can see the individual cycle and soak durations. My guess is you have two 7:30 watering times with one 30 minute soak in the middle.

Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions!

Ah, interesting, yes you are correct. I’m not sure how this will look in v2 and I know that less clutter is good but I think an additional figure indicating the watering time and total duration would be useful to people. For example:
Instead of:
Duration: 45 mins

Watering time: 15 mins
Duration: 45 mins

@radamio‌ Agreed!

If I understand the above example the actual flow will be:

Water (15 min) + Soak (15 min) + Water (15 min) = 45 min duration

Am I right?

@rgarza28‌ Actually…

Water (7:30 min) + Soak (30 min) + Water (7:30 min) = 45 min duration

ah ok I see. Break up the watering time in half. Perhaps display it as I layed it out? Water + Soak + Water = Duration. Clear as a bell that way.

@rgarza28‌ Ya, mobile 2.0 we will represent this better, agreed a bit confusing now, and seems like it tripled your watering :slight_smile: