Schedule seasonally adjusted to 0 minutes?

Anyone have this issue before?

In October, this schedule ran for 1 minute. In November, this schedule will run for 1 minute.

Zone 1 has been adjusted from 1 minute to 0 minutes

No, this has never happened. Where are you? Are you on a flexible daily schedule. Perhaps it is time to put your controller on standby for the winter. I do know with standard controllers, the seasonal adjust can get so low it makes no sense to run the system.

i am in southern california. Still need water but can’t be 0. I checked the rachio app and it still says 1 minute? Maybe it’s a bug in the email and app notifications ?

I’m interested in hearing more about what is happening here.

I’m in North Texas. Sometimes my customers ask if they need to run their system in the winter. I say no because we will probably get a little moisture and everything is dormant anyway.

@wpcprez What are you watering this time of year in Cali?

Hey @wpcprez-

This is a rounding error in the emails that our team is aware of. Your controller is running that zone somewhere between 0-1 minutes. Hope that helps- I apologize for any inconvenience!

McKynzee :rachio:

oh, so it’s running less than a minute or does it run 0 minutes some days and 1 minute others?

Less than a minute- it will always run the same duration!

cool, so it’s just 100% an email and app issue that can’t show seconds. Thank you

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Winter watering is perplexing. If you have shrubs and trees that have been planted in the past year or two, you should give them a good soaking with a garden house if there is no rain at least twice a month to get water to the roots. Remember, the root systems on those trees and shrubs is only as large as the container from the nursery. Water with the weather. If your turfgrass is dormant, I would not water it more than once a month. We have not had any rain here since October, so things are very dry. I have Sandy soil and it is just like powder about 18 inches down, so i am running sprinklers on my fescue lawn in the backyard now. I dig down and check soil moisture.